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Retises CT is Out of Stock. And will NOT be re-stocked again. You can check our peeling section for alternatives

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Retises CT is Out of Stock

And will NOT be re-stocked again. You can check our peeling section for alternatives

Two-step system that combines the strength of the 3-vitC System with 3-retinol System, for a better antioxidant, depigmenting and
anti-ageing activity. For the treatment of wrinkles, flaccidity, stretch marks and cutaneous pigmentations.

PROPERTIES of 3-Retinol System 3-Retinol System combines 3 types of retinoids with different speeds of action; Retinaldehide with instant action, Retinol with prolonged action and Retinil with delayed action. We achieve a release of retinoids in the skin that is constant and precise. As a result, the therapeutic level of the active ingredient is constant and its conversion is gradual
according to the skin’s needs.

Zinc addition enables the conversion of the different retinoids to retinoic acid and the very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid promotes the formation of the blend in the epidermis and dermis.

Peels may be combined with other anti- ageing, repairing, depigmenting treatments as well as microneedling systems, lasers IPL’s, other chemical peels, etc.

3-vitC System (ascorbil glucoside free & of
ethyl vitC liposomes & sodium ascorbate),
liposomed retinaldehide, liposomed
hyaluronic acid (VLMW) , liposomed zinc,
3-retinol System, liposomed hyaluronic
acid (VLMW) , liposomed zinc.


Use ½ or 1 ampoule and wait a few minutes. Apply a thin layer of the sachet cream and allow to act 6-8 h. When the contact time has elapsed, wash the affected area.